Cupping For Cellulite (Vacuum Cupping Massage)

Get Rid Of Cellulite with Cupping Massage

The vacuum effect has been used for medical reason for a few thousands of years cupping is considered to be part of the study of acupuncture treatment. The cups can be left in one spot, or you can have someone move the cup(s) sideways along your back. It is advisable to use a combination of the two methods for optimum pain management.

Cellulite is formed as a result of excess fat cells and retained water around the skin. As it grows, bigger skin envelope is deformed by the fat cells which result in the peeling of body organs. By using the massage cups, in the convenience of your home, you can administer a cupping massage which stimulates and softens tissue and compartmentalizes fatty cells.

Vacuum cupping massage results in a skin that is smoother and softer, and cellulite gradually and permanently disappears! The massage technique is a not invasive treatment that manipulates the connective tissue resulting in cellulite reduction, slimming and anti-aging. The benefits go far beyond aesthetics to encompass your entire physiological well-being. By using the massage cups for few minutes daily, you will be able to see how the cellulite disappears.

How does vacuum cupping massage works?

This is a deep cupping massage therapy done with vacuum suction, the negative pressure causes a rush of blood and lymph to the skin from deep lying tissues, by improving the circulation to the area, and the cups help the body in eliminating stagnant lymph and other waste products. Cupping also makes the skin to be more elastic, it improves retraction of the skin, and it increases the skin resistance to temperature and other mechanical factors.

Other Benefits of Cupping include:

  • It has a positive effect on blood circulation by improving oxygen flow into the cells thus the inflated cells begin to burn, and the contents begin to shrink in size which reduces the appearance of cellulite dramatically
  • It helps to reduce muscular tension.
  • It improves firmness of the skin as a result of increased collagen production.
  • It has positive results on blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, and connective tissues.

Where can the Vacuum Cupping Massage be applied?

One of the biggest uses of the vacuum therapy is as a modality for massaged area. When the vacuum therapy used with some motion, it’s often called the vacuum massage.

The therapeutic massage using the cups increases blood circulation, the vacuum incorporated into cupping offers so many other powerful benefits that make the process great.

Another important advantage of cupping is that it helps to eradicate toxins from the body through the sebaceous and sweat glands, the sweat-gland also fires its contents as the vacuum is applied locally.

We can compare the effect to cleaning the house with vacuum machines. The vacuum cleaner ensures that the floor surface is free from dust, it also removes dust particles from within the deeper fibres of the carpets. Similarly, the vacuum massage cleans the skin cells, exfoliates excessive dead skin cells and removes toxins from the deep layers of the skin. This results in a glowing skin that looks fresher, healthier, and younger.

The vacuum massage when applied along the spine area improves and nourishes the vertebra and the discs. This, in turn, gives great benefits to those who have arthritis, DDD, and other disc related problems.

Also, the big effect of the vacuum massage is the enhancement of the immune system function. It does not make sense why the vacuum massage with its so many great benefits practically is still unknown in the health care practitioners.

The cupping therapy works by enabling circulation to injured sites; this speeds up the healing process by expelling toxins and reducing swelling. The latest cup sets come with a small pump which you can choose to remove if you decide to leave the cups in place so that it can easily sit on the surface of your skin for about twenty minutes. If you opt for the ‘’sliding’’ method, lotion or massage oil can be moved in a circular motion around the affected areas for faster and quicker result to be achieved. The circular motion can work wonders, and you will be amazed at the changes you will notice in few days. 

A traditional way of using fire-cupping involves soaking a cotton ball in alcohol, lighting it, and placing it inside of the cup for a few seconds. All the oxygen in the cup is sucked out to produce the required suction. Then the cup is placed on the skin; the process is similar to using the modern cups. Fire-cupping does not make you feel hot or burn your body.

Cupping does not hurt, although it may leave some marks which will go away in few hours to a week. Cupping gives that sense of relaxation and relief that children enjoy it.

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